Action NC has a new HOME!

Action NC has a new HOME!

December 9, 2021

Action NC’s mission is to confront and reduce the root causes of poverty, underdevelopment, and social and economic inequality through grassroots education, training, organization, and mobilization.We organize in poor and working-income communities full of talent and committed people looking for an opportunity to work together to build a stronger and more secure future.We reach out to them in a variety of ways to offer them the opportunity to join, organize, fight, and win. 

TenantRights (TORC) 

TORC is a tenant led project of Action NC that builds power to influence housing policies that will provide higher protections to renters in NC by organizing tenants associations, tenant led to know your rights workshops, and leadership development to increase community involvement. 

Race, Gender andEquity (RAGE) 

The RAGE initiative is creating and deepening alliances among Black and Brown women across the state to increase their political and personal power. 

SeniorWarriorAction Network (SWAN) 

SWAN is Action NC's Senior Warrior Action Network, a grassroots group of seniors working together to protect and promote healthcare access and retirement security for seniors against attacks on Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security--programs we need to expand rather than reduce. In addition, SWAN members mobilize to protect voting rights, increase voter participation. 

Safe Coalition NC 

SAFE Coalition NC has been fighting to bring about municipal & legislative change in the areas of police accountability & Criminal Justice Reform. We use leadership development to empower community members impacted by the lack of accountability to serve on boards, develop policy positions, a grassroots lobby for elected officials, and not only build power but wield power. 

Grow theVote 

Our goal is to build grassroots political power by increasing the number of registered voters in minority and low-wealth communities and increasing the number of these voters who participate in the election process. These voters and communities matter and they are more than just a pawn in the political game. They wield great power, and the more who vote, the greater that power can become. 

Líderes enAcción 

Líderes en Acción has been leading the fight for immigrant justice in North Carolina. Líderes en Acción keeps winning because its grassroots leaders are the same families that are impacted by our broken immigration system. They empower themselves and their community, through leadership development, and by encouraging others to advocate for themselves, through lobbying and direct action. 

Líderes en Acción ha estado liderando la lucha pro la justicia para inmigrantes en Carolina del Norte. Líderes en Acción sigue ganando, porque sus líderes comunitarios son las mismas familias impactadas por nuestro sistema migratoria quebrado. Ellos se capacitan a sí mismos y a su comunidad, por medio de desarrollo de liderazgo y motivan a otros a autoabogar, por medio de actividades de cabildeo y acción directa. 

We invite you to join us on this powerful journey .Please be in touch!

Co-Covenor Pat McCoy / / 919.883.7120 

Co-Covenor Naomi Randolph-Hwesuhunu / / 919.024.8662 NC @ActionNC