Safety, Accountability, Fairness, Ethics (SAFE) Coalition

Safety, Accountability, Fairness, Ethics (SAFE) Coalition

Build power. Wield power.

SAFE Coalition NC has been fighting to bring about municipal and legislative change in the areas of police accountability and Criminal Justice Reform.

We use leadership development to empower community members impacted by the lack of accountability to serve on boards, develop policy positions, grassroots lobby elected officials, and not only build power but wield power.

We improve public safety by working with the Charlotte Police Department and Mecklenburg County Sheriff to reform their racial profiling practices and minimize the need for officer involvement by strengthening community resources. Since its launch in 2014, SAFE has helped to reform the Charlotte's Citizens Review Board and CMPD, elect a Black Sheriff in 2018 who made good people-centered changes to Mecklenburg jail programs, enforce a law requiring the public release of any video recorded during police-involved shootings, and much more. SAFE Coalitions’ community development includes winning a commitment and money for a program to use social workers and mental health professionals as first responders in a variety of situations phoned into 911, rather than sending the police as well as a commitment and money for a violence interrupter program through Cure Violence. Currently, SAFE Coalition is pushing for an independent audit of CMPD to identify where resources could and should be used for better purposes

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