Without access to affordable, quality health care, you and your family can be in big trouble.

works with seniors to protect and promote healthcare access and retirement security.

works with tenants facing eviction, dealing with abusive landlords, and living in illegal conditions.

creates alliances among women of color across NC to increase their political and personal power.

fights for municipal & legislative changes in the areas of police accountability & Criminal Justice Reform.

builds political power by increasing the number of active registered voters in minority and low-wealth communities.

Líderes en Acción has been leading the fight for immigrant justice in North Carolina.

The war on voting rights and fair election administration is a growing and dangerous threat to democracy. We fight to expand voting rights and opportunities.

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The affordable housing crisis is displacing traditional communities. We work to win more affordable housing and help tenants know and expand their rights.

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Fighting to bring about municipal and legislative change in the areas of police accountability and Criminal Justice Reform.