Tenant Organizing Resource Center (TORC)

Tenant Organizing Resource Center (TORC)

Action NC Tenant Organizing Hotline

Call our hotline at 980-443-3715 to speak with one of our volunteers about your housing concerns.

This website contains information on rental, and legal assistance; tenants’ rights laws and regulations, such as housing codes and state agencies; and other relevant organizations.

Protecting Tenant Rights

Action NC TORC empowers tenants living in private and subsidized housing to organize to ensure tenants' rights and preserve quality, safe, and affordable housing.

We build power to influence housing policies that will provide higher protections to renters in NC by organizing tenant unions, tenant-led know your rights workshops, and providing leadership development for our members.

Action NC TORC focuses on:

  • Stopping unlawful eviction and displacement
  • Combating Slum Housing conditions
  • Advocating for new affordable housing through initiatives such as mixed housing/inclusionary housing ordinances
  • Organizing Tenant Unions
  • Organizing Know Your Rights Workshops
  • Offering Leadership Development Workshops
  • And much more

Become A Member

We need your help to continue to break the cycle of displacement and predatory practices of the real estate industry towards North Carolina tenants.

As a TORC member, you will have access to a wealth of services to support you in defending your tenants' rights and maintaining affordable housing for everyone. TORC members get connected to local, state, and national organizations, organizers, activists, and advocates that share an interest in housing justice and strengthening tenant rights.

TORC members receive updates to upcoming events, information about how to get involved in fighting for justice for yourself and your community, and most importantly, take part in actions locally, statewide, and nationally to protect everyone's rights.

Help us expand tenant unions, build power, and make changes in our lives by joining as a member.

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TORC is proud to be a member of Renters Rising, a national alliance of renters working to shift the balance of power between renters and corporate landlords to guarantee that renters are able to live with dignity. Sign up now and join the fight to end the exploitation of renters by corporate landlords.

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