We work on a number of issues that impact our state and communities.

All of our work fits into seven issue categories which are summarized below and linked to full pages for more detailed information.


We are working to help parents ensure quality education for their kids.
We are working to improve school facilities and stop school closings.
We are fighting for quality public schools that give children a good, complete education.


We are fighting to end the 287(g) program in North Carolina.
We are working to fight the separation of families caused by ICE raids.
We are fighting for our dreamers to have access to affordable, quality education and their parent's rights to participate.

Health Care

We are working to ensure that our social safety nets are not diminished.
We are working to ensure that everyone has access to quality, affordable health coverage.

Fair and Affordable Housing

We take on slum landlords and make them treat renters right.
We are fighting to ensure everyone has access to affordable, quality housing that meets housing standards.
We are fighting to stop predatory lenders, who take advantage of people, and get them to work with those fighting to keep their homes.

Voter Participation

We educate people on the issues.
We work to increase participation through volunteer voter registration, literature distribution, and public presentations.
We mobilize people to vote through Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts, phone banking, and direct action.

Neighborhood Organizing

We are working on making cities accountable for keeping neighborhoods clean.
We are working to empower our communities to make their voices heard.

Women Voting Our Values

We are working to ensure that are not being told what to do with their bodies.
We are working to ensure that woman receive equal pay for equal work.
We are working to ensure that woman voices are heard at the polls through voter registration and GOTV efforts.