🏠 Is $50 million enough for affordable housing?

🏠 Is $50 million enough for affordable housing?

January 11, 2023

Charlotte Summit Takeaways

Apryl Lewis, a community organizer with housing justice organization Action NC, raised concerns during a two-day housing and jobs summit in Charlotte. Lewis emphasized the need for additional funding directed towards grassroots organizations that directly assist Charlotteans in securing jobs and housing. This plea comes as the city grapples with a growing affordable housing crisis, with rising construction prices and a population increase.

Lewis's call for support to grassroots organizations aligns with the broader discussions at the summit, where City Council members questioned the efficacy of the city's regular $50 million allocations for affordable housing. The summit aimed to address the worsening affordable housing situation in Charlotte and explore potential solutions and policy changes.

The survey results presented at the summit indicated that affordable housing development was a top priority for stakeholders, emphasizing the importance of supporting the production and preservation of affordable housing units, reducing homelessness, and addressing housing instability. Lewis's advocacy for directing funds to grassroots organizations reflects a broader push for more targeted and impactful strategies in addressing the affordable housing crisis.

The housing summit also delved into topics such as job creation, the role of grassroots organizations, potential subsidies for existing apartments, and the evolving nature of the labor force in Charlotte. The discussions highlighted the complexity of the challenges faced by the city and the need for comprehensive and community-driven solutions.