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Tenant Organizing and Resource Center (TORC)

Housing may be the most important aspect of people's lives.

It impacts where people work, access healthcare, access to transportation, access to education, access to public resources, and access to food. As such, it is important for everyone to have access to quality affordable housing. With so many stresses in life, renting a quality affordable home should not be an added stress. Housing is an important issue for Action NC. We work to ensure that everyone has access to quality affordable rental housing.

Quality Affordable Rental Housing

Action NC realizes that millions of people in this country cannot afford to own a home. These individuals and families should have access to quality affordable rental housing. Our low wealth communities are filled with substandard housing and landlords who refuse to fix homes and apartments as they are more concerned with their profits than with the quality of living for their tenants. Action NC works to ensure that all tenants know their rights and have the ability to organize their communities to fight for better housing conditions.

TORC-Tenant Organizing Resource Center

TORC is a tenant led project of Action NC that builds power to influence housing policies that will provide higher protections to renters in NC by organizing tenants associations, tenant led know your rights workshops, and leadership development to increase community involvement.

We need you’re your help to continue to break the cycle of displacement and predatory practices of the real estate industry towards North Carolina tenants.

Help us expand tenant associations, build power, and make changes in our lives by joining as a member. Join the team now!